Support Coordination

Our Support Coordination services are tailored to help you maximise your NDIS plan. Our coordinators are dedicated to understanding your needs, helping you find and connect with the best services, and ensuring your supports are working together effectively. We offer:

Individualised Support Planning:

We develop bespoke plans to suit a wide range of needs. From helping you navigate the complexities of accessing support for daily living to facilitating participation in community and social activities, each plan is crafted to reflect your unique goals and aspirations.

Service Provider Engagement:

Finding the right providers is crucial for achieving your goals. We help you identify and connect with a diverse range of service providers, ensuring that you have access to quality services that align with your specific needs, whether they are for specialised therapeutic support or more general daily assistance.

Ongoing Plan Review:

As your needs and goals evolve, so do our services. We regularly reassess and adapt your plan, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective. This might involve adjusting the types of services, the frequency of support, or introducing new services as your lifestyle changes.
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