Plan Management

Navigating the NDIS can be complex, but you don't have to do it alone. Our Plan Management team is here to assist you with managing your NDIS funds. With Alpha Kalgcare, you gain the freedom to focus on your goals while we take care of the paperwork, including:

Budget Tracking

We meticulously monitor your NDIS funds to maximise their use. Whether it's for personal care, therapies, or community activities, we assist in planning and tracking expenses. This includes advising on how to allocate funds for different services while avoiding overspending.

Invoice Management

Our team ensures that all service-related invoices, from various providers like therapists, support workers, and equipment suppliers, are processed and paid promptly. This meticulous management prevents delays in services and helps maintain a smooth relationship with your providers.

Financial Reporting:

We provide detailed and easy-to-understand financial reports. These reports break down expenditures by categories such as therapies, equipment, and personal care, giving you a comprehensive understanding of where and how your funds are being utilised.
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