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At Narunggaurana Consulting Services, our enthusiasm lies in establishing an equitable landscape for all, cultivating opportunities across communities. We endeavour to narrow disparities by fostering development and propelling individuals towards success. As your companions in this journey, we partner with service providers to redefine health and well-being standards for every Australian, irrespective of any obstacles they may encounter.

Our approach is distinctive and culturally attuned, guided by qualified experts who prioritise collaboration and community-focused solutions. With a profound understanding of the challenges individuals face, particularly those with unique abilities, we are dedicated to assisting everyone in overcoming limitations and reaching their full potential.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

At Narunggaurana Consulting Services, our mission is to Close the Gap in disparities for all communities and Create Opportunities for everyone. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where people not only Thrive and Grow but Exceed their own expectations. Through collaborative efforts with service providers, we aim to surpass conventional standards in health and wellbeing, addressing every Australian barrier and challenge. Our commitment is to empower communities to achieve their full potentials, with a particular focus on education, employment, and training, ensuring future generations emerge as thriving leaders.

Our Vision

Our vision is a future where disparities are eliminated, and Opportunities abound for every individual. We envision a society where people not only Thrive but continuously Grow and Exceed their own aspirations. Through unwavering collaboration with service providers, we aspire to set new benchmarks in health and wellbeing, transcending expectations for every Australian, regardless of barriers or challenges. We see our communities prospering and reaching their full potentials, with education, employment, and training serving as catalysts for the emergence of resilient and accomplished future leaders.

Our Values

Our Values are the pillars upon which Graceful Heart stands, guiding our actions, and shaping our services:


We embrace a deep understanding and sensitivity towards the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, guiding our interactions with compassion.

Individual Empowerment

We are committed to empowering each person we serve, fostering independence, and enabling them to achieve their goals and dreams.


Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the high-quality, personalised support services we provide, ensuring the best possible outcomes for those under our care.


We value and celebrate diversity, recognising the beauty in every individual's differences. Our services are inclusive and tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community


We operate with honesty, transparency, and accountability, upholding the highest standards in our interactions, services, and commitment to those we serve

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When choosing a consultancy partner for your NDIS journey, Finding someone who truly understands your individuality, challenges and barriers is essential. At Narunggaurana Consulting Services, our staff possess the skills needed to work with diverse groups and provide the support you need to overcome obstacles.
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Contact Us

Facility 1: 36 MacDonald Street, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Facility 2: 2 Maguire St, Somerville WA 6430

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm
NDIS Service Hours: 24/7
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